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We help businesses transform problems into ideas and build real solutions. Every project we accept is an opportunity to work with a firm or startup to help them realize their profitable business idea. Our primary objectives have always been building lasting connections with satisfied consumers.

With its headquarters in Nepal, Susankya is a progressive software development business. We harness the power of innovation to provide cutting-edge solutions for businesses all over the world. We ensure your tech success.

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About Us

A prominent provider of software, Susankya Global was founded by a team of four people at the beginning of 2016. Susankya concentrates on finding practical solutions that boost efficiency and production across all industries. With more than 70 apps and more than 150,000 downloads, Susankya Global is one of Nepal's top developers of Android applications. It has successfully built a client network of more than 300 clients over the past few years, with a growth rate of more than 200% in the most recent year alone.

Why Choose Us?

Believe it or not, if we were you, we’d love to work with ourselves!

1) We've got the best team.

We have put together some of the greatest professionals around the country that can collaborate to produce the best results for you.

2) We understand you.

Our team comprises some of the most creative minds. We will work with you to make your idealized vision a reality while also improving upon it.

3) We keep it simple.

One of our core principles is that less is more. We support an environment that is clean, transparent, and truthful.

4) We keep innovating.

New notions and ideas that need to be realized present themselves to us on a daily basis. So, we have one main job all the time: innovating.

We'd love to build something amazing together!

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